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You don't just get Software, you get Us

In order to ensure that the transition from your current solution to Geo-Map is as simple and painless as possible, we have a team of implementation and industry experts on hand to help you every step of the way. Geo-Map offers a full consultative approach to creating, implementing and managing effective data management. If you have a strong internal team you can also implement and manage the software in-house. Speak to us about the engagement level which would suit you best.


Be up and running with Geo-Map within days. Geo-Map will set up and configure the system for you and help you migrate or import your data. A dedicated team will help you every step of the way.


Geo-Map is intuitive and easy-to-use requiring little to no training, but just in case you do, Training is always available to give you step-by-step instruction.


The technical support teams are just an email or phone call away to assist with getting the best out of all the powerful features in Geo-Map.

Do-it-yourself if you like

Video tutorials will be readily at your disposal to learn from, and our support team is always at hand to help when you need it.